Here is your chance to improve your driving skills.

25th of September 2018

Norwell Motorplex is hosting this safety course here in Norwell (25Minutes from Helensvale)


Drivesafe Driver Saftey Course· Hosted by Norwell Motorplex

Full Day Course
Sign in at 8.30am
Day begins at 9am and concludes at 3pm
Vehicles and lunch are provided by venue.

Technique Training Includes:-
Driver posture and stability
General road issues
Control techniques e.g. steering
Safety zones
Information intake
Controlled relaxation
Cornering paths

Additional skills training includes:
Skidpan time to address non-ABS braking
Training on the “Brush and Bury Technique” (skidpan)
Basic vehicle dynamics training (skidpan)
Continued technique development (circuit)
ABS and emergency braking (circuit)

This course covers the biomechanics of driving, leg balance, steering technique, skid pan training, ABS and non-ABS braking exercises.

All participants will experience our revolving turntable which simulates loss of control experienced in an oversteer skid, teaching recovery and control and exercises to show the dangers of driving using a mobile phone.

Participants are shown a safe following distance demonstration to end the day.

Suitable for beginner drivers (P plates) (L plates)

$ 375.00 per person

For bookings please jump on to the link below or feel free to call us on 07 5546 1375 for information or to book.

  • Josef Buschor

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