Already had my Autos and came back to do my manuals. Jo really helped me get my road anxiety under control and eventually pass the test. Thanks so much! 5 stars! ??

Jadzia - Getting Manual Licence

Such an amazing and patient instructor, I couldn’t have hoped to be taught by anyone else other than Josef Would highly reccommend to everyone!!

Jessica - Passed test first time.

I cant thank Josef enough for helping me and giving me the confidence to drive. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Dylan - Manual Driving Test Success

Josef helped me gain self confidence on the road, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. He has so much patience, along with a great sense of humour. I always looked forward to every lessons with Josef! Thanks for helping me get my license…. yipppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Jona - Automatic Driving Test Success

Thanks Joseph! You are a great teacher and couldn’t have done it without you! Woohoo x

Hannah - Manual Driving Test Success

I loved every minute of my driving lessons. Josef has a great sense of humour and put me totally at ease and feeling confident in the car. If you live on the Gold Coast definitely give these guys a call for your driving lessons!

Kelly - Manual Driving Test Success

I'm feeling happy..thank you very much josef your the best instructor,GOLD COAST SCHOOL OF MOTORING IS THE BEST!

Cheryl -
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    No, but it is advisable. (Don’t get misled by 'other' driving schools!)

    Yes, but the 1hour lessons only count as triple (i.e. 1 hour = 3 log book hours) for the first 10 lessons. After that, 1 hour lesson = 1 hour log book.

    Yes - a driving school car must have dual controls by law.

    Yes! If you do not bring your licence with you we are not allowed to drive by law. Worse still - You still need to pay for the hour that you have booked even though we can't drive! - so DON'T FORGET YOUR LICENCE! 🙂

    Yes absolutely. It is a good idea as you will get a lesson prior to the test, which should help calm your nerves as well.

    No, but it is easy to fail!


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