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  • The basics about Automatic Driving Lessons and Cars

    What are Automatic Driving Lessons?

    Automatic Driving Lessons mean that you will learn to drive a car with an automatic transmission (gearbox). An Automatic car does not need you to change gears while driving forward and has only two pedals; a brake and accelerator pedal (no extra clutch pedal like a manual gearbox car has).

    What are the advantages of driving an automatic car?

    The most obvious difference is the gears. Where a manual car will require you to select and change the gears manually, an automatic car will do it all for you. This is especially handy when you are in slow moving traffic and the car needs to change gear all the time to stop and start.

    Automatic cars do not have a regular gear stick (or stick-shift as the Americans call them) but instead have what is known as a ‘gear shift’ (gear selector).

    There are various letters visible on the gear selector that engage the driving mode you require. For example; selecting ‘D’ puts you in “Drive” mode (forward moving), selecting ‘R’ puts you in “Reverse” mode (reverse moving) – simple!

    Your qualified instructor Gaz will go through all this in more detail and demonstrate how they work.

    The most advantageous aspect of driving an automatic car is the fact that the driver can spend more time observing the roads and less time working controls. This is perfect for driving through congested city traffic. Automatic driving aims to make life a little easier!

    Are there any disadvantages to Automatic cars, lessons and licences?

    Automatic Cars:

    One major disadvantage is that Automatic cars are more expensive to buy as they are more desirable for their convenience. Automatic cars are also known to be more expensive to run in general or repair.

    Automatic Licences:

    If you pass your test in an Automatic car and attain an Automatic Licence, you will NOT be licenced or skilled to drive a manual car in the future if you need to drive or buy a manual car.

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