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1 Hour Driving Lessons


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    Call Josef on 0404 864 359 to book your driving lesson today

    About your instructor
    Josef is a very patient, calm, friendly and professional Gold Coast driving instructor. Having operated on the Gold Coast for the last 16 years and helping people like you to get their driving licence, we guarantee you will have a fun experience while also getting the best results!

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    What will we be driving?
    Suzuki Swifts! Yes, both our automatic and manual cars are Suzuki Swifts, and everyone knows, all the cool kids drive Suzuki Swifts!

    Get 100 hours quick!
    It’s not easy to build up 100 hours when you’re first learning to drive, but did you know that your first 10 x 1-hour professional driving lessons with Gold Coast School of Motoring equate to 30 hours in your logbook? This is a great way to get your hours up quickly. You can book all 10 at the same time if you wish.

    Where do we give driving lessons?
    We cater for anyone looking to get driving lessons who lives in the Ormeau to Varsity Lakes area (Northern to mid Gold Coast). If you think you are near, or just outside that area, call us as we are willing to accommodate where we can.

    Start Driving Today!
    Call Josef on 0404 864 359 to book a driving lesson

    When & Where

    Gold Coast

    Automatic Lesson

    Courses Address

    September 03, 2016

    from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

    Start Driving today - Your freedom awaits! - We are one of the longest running schools on the Gold Coast for a reason.We will get you there!

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